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February 15, 2008



The point about seeing what words others have tagged to your site is an interesting one and good for feedback. Generally I agree, delicious is huge, but I've never seen much traffic come from them. The most has always come from either Reddit, Digg or StumbleUpon... they're still fairly ethereal though... a lot of traffic one day, but none the next...

Travis J. Lehr

Good stuff, thanks for the idea!

Steven Davies

So with the right keywords we can increase the search engine traffic.
Thank you for this idea.

Al Walker

Your site has excellent content and information. I'll be returning often...



Although the keywords are great tags for search engines, content is also an important criteria for SEO. Of course, you want to use (not abuse) your keywords in you content as well!


Can anyone point me to some more articles on the subject?
I've messed around with it, but never seen much traffic from it.


I'm new to del.isio.us and didn't know about the information you recommend. Thanks for the tips they were very helpful.


Nice post.
@carolyn: I invite you to my website for social bookmarking information.

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